Month: February 2013

Arbonne Cosmetics – first impression


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Michelle Callipari, Arbonne Independent Consultant & Area Manager, and her team to teach some common makeup application techniques using Arbonne Cosmetics.

Arbonne is a premium 100% Vegan Certified and non-toxic Anti-Aging skin care, cosmetics & health and wellness line of products.

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The weekend before our workshop, Michelle lent me her Arbonne consultant kit – it was amazing! Though I have three large traincases myself, it is always exciting to look through someone else’s 😉



Once I got better aquainted with the product, I took a look through the catalog to pick out a few makeup looks to try. (You can see the full album on my Facebook Page )



Although this wasn’t set up to be a review on the product, it is nice to hear what other people’s experiences are with a brand.

What I liked:

  • The pigment of the pressed shadows (which are all wet/dry shadows) were awesome!
  • The fall out was minimal, so what you picked up on your brush stayed on the area you applied it to.
  • The colour went on my skin exact to what it looked like in the pot/container.
  • The lip color was so rich and the glosses are super pigmented, but maintain a creme application and I didn’t experience and feathering/bleeding
  • The foundation is full converage but doesn’t feel heavy. Though I found it took some colour matching, by mixing a couple shades to get my perfect full coverage base. The formulas blended beautifully.

What I wasn’t too keen on:

  • I’m pretty sure it was the lip gloss, but it had a mega amount of sparkly glitter in it. Although I couldn’t tell when I applied it, it was when I washed my face that I noticed. Even after wiping the makeup away with a m/u remover wipe, then washing with face wash…I had a sheen of fine glitter all over my face lol Not a big deal, I will just stay away from the clear or shimmer glosses.


Being a party-plan company, it is a little intimadating to think about making a purchase. What if I don’t like the colour? What if it’s too expensive? I don’t want to be bombarded by pushy sales ladies….

The product line, in my opinion, are compariable in price and quality as to MAC, Lise Watier or any other high end boutique brands. The added bonus to this comparison is that Arbonne cosmetics are vegan friendly!

Well rest assured, should you every need a consultation, Michelle is the person to see! She is warm and inviting and has great knowledge of her product. I truly believe that she cares for each and every one of her clients and team members on a purely individual basis and is greatful for their presence in her life.


That’s it for now. Check ya later, Gorgeous!