July 26th: weddings and things

As if mom, partner, hairstylist, freelance beauty artist and sole
income earner didn’t fill my CV… I cannot turn down fruitful opportunities! In March of 2014
I was invited to join an elite team of highly talented artists in the London area, we compose the Selah Vie Hair and Makeup Design team.


Selah Vie Luxury Hair and Makeup Artistry is the brain child of Hanna Lafferty, owner and head artist at Selah Vie. Selah is the Hebrew word which means to ‘pause and reflect,’ and Vie is the French term for ‘life.’ It is our utmost desire at Selah Vie to help you feel beautifully prepared and relaxed as you get ready to enjoy some of the finest moments of your life.


In my almost 5 years of working in makeup artistry, I was so thrilled to meet someone as talented and supportive as Hanna. It’s my opinion that successful people encourage and support one another, there’s nothing to gain by keeping each other down.
Hanna has taken the time to coach us to strengthen our skills in both hair and makeup artistry, giving her time and years of experience in exchange for our time and dedication to providing the best service possible to our Selah Vie clients.

I am so grateful to be in the company of other well known and successful artists from our lovely city!

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