Month: August 2014

#FBsunday Topic: Achieving a smooth foundation finish

Last week I asked on my Facebook page:

What’s your biggest beauty challenge?

And the replies inspired me to address each topic in a weekly blog post. I chose Sunday because it’s usually my day off 😉

So let’s talk skin. Particularly textures. Some folks deal with acne (or other) scarring, dryness, rosacea or constant acne. These issues pose a challenge when trying to conceal or hide them, because it either makes it more noticeable or doesn’t hide it at all.

here’s my before and after. I have rosacea as well as dryness that varies from day to day. Dependent on water and sun conditions. It isn’t painful like acne, but it can get itchy and requires constant moisturizing
The main thing to remember is the use of corrective colours and highlight/shading.
If you struggle with deep pores or scarring, try these steps.
•first, always start with cleansed and moisturized skin.
•use a primer and apply with a stipple duo fiber brush (the brush to the left of the middle in the pic below). I find this helps product reach deep and hidden surfaces.
•select a concealer that is close to your skin colour, if needed go lighter as a darker shade will leave a shadowy effect and make the spot look deeper or more noticeable.
•scoop a small amount of concealer out of the palette and scrap off onto the back of your hand. Your skin will warm the product to make it easier to apply.
•pat the concealer into skin using a fluffy, but firm, brush like the purple one to the left of the stipple brush. Concentrate on the blemish/problem area and pat around the area in a circular pattern to diffuse the product.
•now apply foundation using a foundation brush, like the one right in the middle (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) – I find the flat foundation brushes move the product around too much.
the key is to press the product onto the skin first, and then lightly blend it in

image from Real Techniques facebook page

When you’ve achieved the desirable coverage (make sure you’re using the right foundation! I like Covergirl Clean for light, Urban Decay for medium/buildable and MAC Studio Fix Fluid for heavy/full) set your makeup with a matching powder, patting into skin with a fluffy brush and then with a translucent setting powder. This “sets” the foundation and gives a nice matte finish.

Top it off with a setting spray to make it last all day. I use Lise Watier Magnifix spray. Looove. 20140809-221232-79952558.jpg

And voila! you should have a soft and smoothed out complexion.

Friday Faves! They’re Real! Push Up Gel Liner

It’s so hard to find that perfect product. Be it mascara, foundation, matte bronzers, liner, lipstick… So I’ve decided to share my treats with you every Friday!
I stock a lot of different brands and tools in my makeup kit. After a well paid job or fully booked week, I like to treat myself to one luxury item for my personal use. Many people can’t believe how small my own makeup bag is when they see me lugging around a thousand pound (exaggerating!) makeup kit 🙂


I bought the new liner from Benefit cosmetics. This pen comes with a rubber point tip, which the gel liner passes through to allow you to create the perfect line every time.

The main difference between a gel liner to a liquid liner is usually the drying time and long lasting/setting power. Liquid liner is rarely waterproof like gel liners can be.
This is mainly the reason why I love this pen! The liner dries quickly and stays put until you wash it off.

Secondly, I love the slanted top that places the product where you want it with precision and helps you get lines!


Eyelid primer, Put A Lid On It By Balm Cosmetics
Lipstick mad for mauve precision lipstick by Avon
mascara It’s A Long Story by Arbonne