Friday Faves! They’re Real! Push Up Gel Liner

It’s so hard to find that perfect product. Be it mascara, foundation, matte bronzers, liner, lipstick… So I’ve decided to share my treats with you every Friday!
I stock a lot of different brands and tools in my makeup kit. After a well paid job or fully booked week, I like to treat myself to one luxury item for my personal use. Many people can’t believe how small my own makeup bag is when they see me lugging around a thousand pound (exaggerating!) makeup kit ๐Ÿ™‚


I bought the new liner from Benefit cosmetics. This pen comes with a rubber point tip, which the gel liner passes through to allow you to create the perfect line every time.

The main difference between a gel liner to a liquid liner is usually the drying time and long lasting/setting power. Liquid liner is rarely waterproof like gel liners can be.
This is mainly the reason why I love this pen! The liner dries quickly and stays put until you wash it off.

Secondly, I love the slanted top that places the product where you want it with precision and helps you get lines!


Eyelid primer, Put A Lid On It By Balm Cosmetics
Lipstick mad for mauve precision lipstick by Avon
mascara It’s A Long Story by Arbonne

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