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Life Planning? I’ve gone planner crazy!! (Lifestyle Blog)

All about the colour coding, highlighters and sticker embellishments. Only problem is I usually run out of space.

I just didn’t have the ambitions to fork out 60+ dollars to order another popular life planner organizer, that would “only last me 12 month” before he had to buy it all over again.  I am stingy.   

As a busy stylist, I needed a planner that could hold my personal errands and appointments, my freelancer commitments as well as the salon clientele appointments all in one place.

A fellow woman in business posted about receiving her DynamicPlanner, along with a photo that showed the size of this book. I was intrigued so I looked further into it. Lo and behold this is a local product, to our own London Ontario!  



  • 7-day layout, including a 12 hour schedule grid in half hour increments. Great for professionals that schedule appointments with clients as well as keeping track of your own personal errands and tasks.
  • Amazing motivational quotes to keep you charged and inspired.
  • Fabulous downline tracking charts, follow up templates and much much more!!

The ladies at DynamicPlanner also post updates and videos to help you utilize your planner to its fullest potential as it applies to yourself and your business.
If you should wish to get your own, use my promo code “Mallory” at checkout to save! BUY NOW
Happy Planning!!