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Life Planning? I’ve gone planner crazy!! (Lifestyle Blog)

All about the colour coding, highlighters and sticker embellishments. Only problem is I usually run out of space.

I just didn’t have the ambitions to fork out 60+ dollars to order another popular life planner organizer, that would “only last me 12 month” before he had to buy it all over again.  I am stingy.   

As a busy stylist, I needed a planner that could hold my personal errands and appointments, my freelancer commitments as well as the salon clientele appointments all in one place.

A fellow woman in business posted about receiving her DynamicPlanner, along with a photo that showed the size of this book. I was intrigued so I looked further into it. Lo and behold this is a local product, to our own London Ontario!  



  • 7-day layout, including a 12 hour schedule grid in half hour increments. Great for professionals that schedule appointments with clients as well as keeping track of your own personal errands and tasks.
  • Amazing motivational quotes to keep you charged and inspired.
  • Fabulous downline tracking charts, follow up templates and much much more!!

The ladies at DynamicPlanner also post updates and videos to help you utilize your planner to its fullest potential as it applies to yourself and your business.
If you should wish to get your own, use my promo code “Mallory” at checkout to save! BUY NOW
Happy Planning!!

Getting your tresses ready for spring!

If you are like any number of my clients this past week ( London, Ontario’s heat wave of above zero!) you may notice the uncontrollable static and frizz that is affecting your ‘do!

These troubles are usually caused by environmental factors like humidity and dryness in the air. Just like our skin, our hair shafts need to be protected from the elements as well or else they will start to show signs of wear and tear.

I’ve gathered a small list of the top 3 items that I recommend for daily care and maintenance that are also adorable and easy to get.

1) Matrix Exquisite Oil

This lightweight, yet effective serum can be used on damp or dry hair. I love it to use on styles that require sleekness and to tame flyaways. The main ingredient is Moringa Oil. This miracle oil is harvested from the Moringa Tree which grows in the Himalayas. The high levels of antioxidants contained in the seed oil contain protein, vitamins and have been known to protect cells from damage. 

Any serum,  when used incorrectly, can cause hair to look dirty or greasy. The key is to emulsify the product in your hands (rub all over like. Hand lotion) one pump at a time. I would start with half a pump in this case as it is a high quality professional product so a little will go a long way. 

Getting the product distributed all over your hand (even on the back and between fingers) will ensure you have no heavy spots from where you begin application. Start at the ends always. That’s where it most needed. Unless you have extremely dry scalp, don’t massage into root area. Instead, smooth just the surface with your palm. You may not see the product, but your hair will take what it needs from what’s left on your hand. 

You can buy this at most salons that work with Matrix. It’s approx $20+ but will last you a long, long time. And you’re guaranteed authenticity of ingredients. 

2) Ogx beauty 

To date Ogx is my favourite store brand line of hair (and even body) care products. Ogx is a paraben-free, salon-inspired formulas contain exotic, active ingredients. Two things attracted me to this line: sulphate-free and paraben free. 

Sulphites are detergents and can be harsh on hair and seriously shorten the lifetime of your hair colour. 

I have tried the coconut milk and coconut water formulas and I adore them! I get the same luxurious result time after time, which tells me that the ingredients are quality.

You can get this at Shoppers Drug Mart and maybe Superstore (I assume since they bought out SDM)

3) One ‘n Only Argan Restorative Mask

Such a treat for your hair and your sense! This mask smells amazing and will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. Made with Argan oil to nourish and replenish hair, this is a great choice for a weekly of bi-weekly hair treatment. Saturate hair and cover with plastic cap to generate heat. Leave on for 30-40 mins and rinse out. This brand is available at Sally Beauty and is the next best thing to buying professional brands. 

False Lashes, what’s up with that?

Not sure about the ever growing lash terminology? Well I’ve put together a few tips & tricks to help you navigate the world of lashes…

False Lashes / Strip Lashes
Refers to strips of authentic or real lashes, usually individual lashes tied to a clear band.

These can usually be found in any cosmetics aisle, ranging from $1-$200.
Of course, these are one of those things of “ya get what ya pay for”…the $200 end includes materials such as real mink lashes (lashes made with the finest mink hair).

The lashes I have taken pics of are from Quo(Shoppers Drug Mart) in Glamour 308. My personal favorite as they are flared at the ends and blend nicely with any length of lashes.

Although an economical choice for eye enhancement, applying strip lashes on your own can prove difficult.
You will need the appropriate adhesive for lashes, you can find this in either a clear drying formula or dark drying formula. It all depends on your regular make up wear and how much you’ll need to blend the lash line into your natural lash line.
Some people will require the trimming of the lash trip, as it is not a one-size-fits-all product. Place the un-glued strip across your eyelid starting from the inner corner to where your own lashes start. Take note of where the strip ends at the end of your lash line. Using a pair of cuticle scissors, cut from the outer end (usually where the lashes flair or are longer).
You can then proceed to utilize the tiny piece that you cut off as a filler for the ends. Simply place it on top of the lash strip at the outer corner of your eye to give it a little more volume.

Your best bet is to search YouTube for tutorials on how to apply strip lashes. Or contact me for your private lesson. Practice makes perfect 😉

I’ve put together a quick check list of how to reuse and clean your strip lashes. Depending on the quality of lashes, you can get up to 20 uses out of them.
*this pictorial demonstrates cleaning my synthetic strip lashes. Always follow manufacturer recommendations prior to a DIY article 🙂

Remove glue residue
I recommend doing this after each use, as it can muddy up a look to attach clumpy strips.

Using a pair of tweezers helps the job get done.

Alcohol Soak
Once both strips are free of thick residue, soak in isopropyl alcohol. Avoid makeup remover, as some strips are assembled with glues (rather than tied) that can be broken down by the makeup remover and tragically end the lifetime of your lashes.
Here I used 50%, basically because it’s not useful for anything else lol the alcohol content is enough to break down the rest of the adhesive. This won’t disinfect, at least not to my standard.


Once the lashes are saturated, gently sweep along the strip with a spoolie to help any left over adhesive.


all done!
Now just pat the lashes on a clean towel and put back into tray. The tray helps them keep a slight bend, which makes application easier.


Now, you’re good to go!
A few more tips for everyday lash wearing:
• apply a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes BEFORE applying your strip lashes. It’s not always necessary to coat the falsies in mascara after applying, only sweep under to blend your natural lashes up into the strip.

• trimming to fit will ensure comfort. If you feel pinching, impaired vision or any other irritation, it could be a fit issue.

• make sure you are using adhesive for strip lashes. Glue for the “flairs” or individual lashes are made for a longer wear and can be too strong for strip lashes.